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In the data bank you can open and print additional information in the pdf format.

Mediation – a Feasible Alternative (Sovittelu – vaihtoehtoinen valinta)

The book offers information on mediation in Finland and Russia. Its topical, practically oriented articles deal with the practices of mediating crimes and disputes and discuss the future trends and perspectives in mediation. In addition, the appendices cite, for both countries, the most important laws governing mediation work. The book is a useful resource for making mediation known to the public, and it can be used as a source of information by officials, mediators, students, and other experts working across the border. The book is available in Finnish and Russian.

Sovittelu – vaihtoehtoinen valinta, in Finnish (pdf)
Sovittelu – vaihtoehtoinen valinta, in Russian (pdf)

Young people’s guide to Finnish law

The Young people’s guide to Finnish law was written through cooperation of different authorities. It is intended to give a basic grounding in Finnish law and legal procedures for the young person who is preparing for a police investigation and a trial as an offender, a victim, or a witness. The guide introduces the reader to some key concepts in the criminal procedure and some types of offence that both the young person and her/his parents should know. The end of the booklet lists telephone numbers and other contact information for authorities and quarters considered the most important in this context.

Guide to Finnish law, in English (pdf)