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The course of mediation  

After receiving an initiative for mediation, the mediation office establishes the willingness of both parties to start mediation.

When an underage child is a party to mediation, the guardian has the right to take part in it. It is also up to the guardian to approve the starting of mediation and any agreement to compensate for damages that the underage child makes. All through the mediation process, both parties have the right to withdraw from it.

In a joint meeting, both parties define their goals. The mediators help the parties to carry on a dialogue that is in accordance with their goals. The outcome is up to the parties, but the mediator has the task of ensuring that it is arrived at through joint negotiation.

In cases of domestic violence, individual meetings are always arranged with both parties before mediation.

The mediators draw up a written agreement, which is then signed by the parties. In criminal cases, the police or the prosecutor are notified by sending them a copy of the agreement.

The mediation office monitors the fulfilling of the agreements.